In March 2010, Boca Secondary School Alumni based in the State of New Jersey discussed ways to give back to Boca Secondary School. Our primary goal is to foster Alumni involvement in activities of Boca Secondary School regardless of their geographic location.

Boca Alumni NJ Chapter primary focus is to partner with Boca Secondary School on project initiatives that will have an immediate impact on the development of education and sports. This idea prompted the development of a much needed website for BSS Alumni. The development of this web portal will be used as a central hub for all Alumni to visit and get involved in the activities of the school. Alumni expressed interest to get involve in various project initiatives geared towards the development of Boca Secondary School lead to the establishment of the Boca Secondary School Alumni Association A NJ Non Profit Corporation, a registered nonprofit public charity of New Jersey, USA.

The purpose of the association is to fund and promote programs which enhance the development of education, sports and healthy lifestyles for the students of Boca Secondary School. All funding is provided through fundraising, solicitations, direct contributions, alumni , family and friends of Boca Alumni NJ Chapter.


The mission of Boca Secondary School Alumni Association (BSSAA) is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between Boca Secondary School and its alumni.

Our goal is to perpetuate a sense of pride and commitment to the outstanding qualities of Boca Secondary School. BSSAA's primary focus is to support quality education in partnership with Boca Secondary School and to exude a positive image of Boca Secondary School and its alumni through communication, service and leadership.


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My goal in life is to make a valuable contribution to society. I am very passionate in assisting individuals to reach their full potential in their personal and professional lives. Currently, my primary focus is to volunteer toward causes that will provide the necessary resources so that students can realize their dreams.

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I have a profound awareness in the value of my own influences on others, life experiences, and natural talents which I continues to channel as an emerging and creative producer in helping others become successful. My goal in life is to have a positive impact to society and to give back to the institution that has truly build the foundation for the rest of my life.

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Things we do in life often have measurable results. I am beginning to realize just how instrumental it is to volunteer. It's motivated me to assist the students of Boca Secondary School, so that they can realize their dreams and become successful individuals.