2010 School Supply Project was a success!!

Boca Secondary School say thank you to all donors that contributed toward the school supply project. Special Request to Alumni:  Please contact us to let us know how you can contribute toward giving back to Boca Secondary School.


BSS Library Project: RAFFLE UPDATE!!!!

On behalf of Boca Secondary School, I would like to give a special thank you to: Maurice Franklin, Vondra Niles Haynes, Carol ALexander, Yolande Alexis Agard, Jackie De riggs, Valarie Botas, Margaret Fraser, Shermaine Phillip, Marcel Penny, Yvonne Ashby, Glen Williams, Boca Secondary School Teachers  and all alumni, family and friends who made this raffle very successful.  With your continuous support, BSS Library will become a reality. Stay tune for the total amount collected.

School Supply Donation Update

Boca Secondary School Alumni Association would like thank all of its donors for participating in the 2010 School Supply Drive.  Your donations and dedication to this cause have truly made this project a success.  Again, we thank you for your continued support which will make a difference in the lives of the students at Boca Secondary School. We facilitated two (2) shipments of the following school supplies and sports related items which were donated to Boca Secondary School for 2010.



Alumni and Friends Sponsors BSSAA Website

April 2010 - BSSAA extends gratitude to all the alumni and friends who sponsored the BSSAA website. We thank you for your generosity and continued support.