Boca Alumni Scholarship Award Recipient 2015

Posted by admin on 2016-03-06 18
(Sicklerville, NJ - December 31, 2015) - The BSSAA, NJ Chapter Scholarship was established through the generosity of Alumni and Friends of the Association. The scholarship program was created to financially assist students at the Boca Secondary School who excelled academically and expressed interest to pursue their college degree. The 2015 award recipient was Lucyanna Greaves. Lucyanna has been awarded an academic scholarship in the amount of $802.43 EC to assist with one year of tuition cost at T.A. Marryshow College.
Lucyanna Greaves is 16 years of age and is a resident of St. Paul's, St. George's, Grenada. She is the only daughter of Sonia and Alwyn Greaves. Lucyanna graduated valedictorian for her graduating class of 2015 and achieved thirteen (13) passes in various subject areas in the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate Examinations.
Lucyanna's hobbies are technical drawing, reading, cooking and jewelry making. She has a passion for technical drawing and loves to draw house plans and elevation. Her passion for technical drawing was developed at Boca Secondary School.
Lucyanna had a well-rounded academic experience at Boca Secondary School where she participated in the following extra curriculum activities while at school:
- Girl Guides
- The Comprehensive Disaster Management Group
- Young Leaders and Junior Achievers.
- SGU Knowledge Bowl
- Financial Literacy Quiz
- Comprehensive Disaster Management Debate Competition
Lucyanna plans to major in Building Technology at T.A. Marryshow College and she believes that being apart of a group gives you a sense of identity and helps you to grow and develop.
The BSSAA, NJ Chapter is proud to be able to extend this academic scholarship to a very deserving student and encourages current students to apply themselves in their academics and athletics because we are paving a way that supports academic excellence.