Boca Secondary School Alumni Association, NJ Chapter offers six Academic Scholarships to Boca Secondary School students entering T.A. Marryshow College for the 2016 school year

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Sicklerville, New Jersey (June 23rd, 2016) – Boca Alumni Association, NJ Chapter awards up to $4,860.00 EC in scholarships to Boca Secondary School seniors in Grenada to support continued education and training at T.A. Marryshow Community College School starting September 2016. Awards are given for both academic achievement and financial need. Awards include full tuition for their first year (cap at US$300 per awardee).  
The BSSAA NJ Smart Start Scholarships will be awarded to three (3) graduating seniors.  
1. Must be a Citizen of Grenada. 
2. Must have attended Boca Secondary School.
3. Must already be enrolled in an accredited academic program at T. A. Marryshow Community College or actively enrolling for the upcoming semester. 
4. Must express intention to be active in Boca Secondary School Alumni Community and support its events and activities.
The Sonia Johnson Scholarship established to offer a graduating Boca Secondary School student who demonstrated excellent academic achievements, volunteer efforts and is interested in pursuing a degree in Science.
The Glen Peters Scholarship established to offer a graduating Boca Secondary School student-athlete who demonstrated excellence in both academics and sports with immediate goals of pursuing an associate degree.
The BSSAA NJ TAMCC Achiever Scholarship established to offer a second-year college student who achieved academic excellence during their first year with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
Scholarships Criteria: 
1. Copy of academic transcript with minimum grade of B or higher 
2. Caribbean Examination Council - Copy of CSEC Results Report 
3. Acceptance Letter to TAMCC
4. Proof of Registration (Registrar invoice)
5. Passport size photograph of applicant 
6. Written Essay, minimum 500 words.  
7. Professional references - Professor, Academic Advisor, or Community Leader.
Applicants are encouraged to apply for the available scholarships by submitting a completed application, essay and supporting documentation by August 15, 2016 deadline.  For more information, they can visit www.bocaalumni.org or email us at bocaalumni@gmail.com.